Project Description


For the past four years now we have been selected to develop the self-led resources for the British Ceramics Biennial. The first brief was to create a family learning resource that would support visitors to engage with contemporary ceramics.

Our first resource was a selection of pic-n-mix style tiles placed around the building which families could pick up and draw onto using china market pens. Words such as work, dark, light, and sad – words that were related to the ceramics on display – were printed on the tiles as prompts for creative responses. It was playful and non-prescriptive, encouraging families to think about the words in connection with objects on display and how to visually represent the words.

We also created Game of Chance inspired by the funfair style interactive in the exhibition, this encouraged families to toss a coin and find connections with words and the artworks or buildings. Opposites such as hand-made/machine made useless/useful could be drawn using an amazingly magical scribble-slate tile and clay modelling tools. Fun, engaging and open-ended.