Supporting children and young people to process emotions in a positive way isn’t easy. To help empower schools to use art as a way of exploring and expressing health and wellbeing, Public Health and Tameside Cultural Services commissioned us to co-create a resource with real pupils in a real school. So how does a collaboration work between artists, health and education bodies and a brilliantly honest Year 4 class and their teacher who have tough stuff to deal with every day?

In a context where many face multiple barriers to learning, pupils went on to communicate their ideas about wellbeing, voting and feeding back on creative activities, getting involved in design decisions and participating in focus groups to shape the language and layout of activity cards, to advocacy by young health ambassadors. What started as a tentative pilot went from ‘let’s see…’ to the roll out of a fully fledged resource to all primary schools in Tameside, with requests from health workers and beyond.

Commissioned by: Public Health and Tameside Cultural Services

In collaboration with: TOG Mind

Co-created with: Silver Springs Primary Academy

Wellbeing Resource from interference-art on Vimeo.

Film : Jake Ryan  |  Sound : Alan Williams