Project Description

The  Photography POD (Portable Obscure Darkroom) created by interference-art. They noticed these days it seems we are never far from someone who is glued to a pocket sized device capturing a moment for instant viewing. The Photography P.O.D. is a slightly larger, more clumsy and less instant antidote to the digital world that surrounds us. Suitable for many environments the Photography P.O.D. can be erected to provide a black and white darkroom in unlikely places. The contents  are made up of obscure online purchases and re-invented pound shop bargains but works surprisingly well as a photography darkroom. The experience for the few people who can work inside the light container is cosy. Harriet has also used the P.O.D. and its contents to create a temporary darkroom for large groups to access. Participants young and old are fascinated by the process and results – proving that black and photography is still magical in this techno-savvy world.